The Gospel of Thomas

translation by Daniel Christopher June

1. These are the hidden sayings of the living Jesus, which the twin DidymasThomas wrote down in verse. “Whoever interprets these sayings aright becomes living and never dies.

2. Jesus said, “Let the seeker never cease to seek till he's has found: finding, he will be disturbed, disturbed, he will be astonished, astonished he will rule, ruling, he will repose.”

3. Jesus said, “When your teachers say ‘hope for heaven above’ they speak for the birds, and if they say, ‘heaven is deep’ then they speak for the fish. No, but the kingdom of heaven is within you, and from there, it surrounds you.”

"When you know yourselves, then will you be known. Knowing yourselves, you will know you are children of the living father. But not knowing yourselves, you are within poverty and you are poverty.

4. Jesus said, “The elderly man has no shame asking the week-old infant of the way to life. And so he will live. For the first will be last, and the last will be one.”

5. Jesus said, “Interpret the obvious matters before your face and the hidden mysteries you also will know. Nothing hidden will so remain.”

6. His disciples asked “Should we fast, pray, and give alms? What diet should we follow?”

Jesus said, “Never lie, never do what you hate. Heaven sees all. Nothing hidden so remains, nothing covered so remains.”

7. Jesus said, “Happy is the lion a man devours, for the lion becomes a man. Cursed is the man a lion devours, and still the lion becomes a man.”

8. Jesus said, “The wise man resembles an intelligent fisherman who pulls in a net of fish from the sea, all of them small. But upon finding a fine large fish, he throws all the small ones back to the sea, easily grasping the large fish. Whoever has ears let him hear!”

9. Jesus said, “Listen, a sower cast a handful of seed. Some fell on the path, food for birds. Others fell on rock, and found no root. Others fell in thorns, and were choked and devoured by grubs. Others fell in good soil and multiplied sixty times, a hundred and twenty times.”

10. Jesus said, “I have started a fire in the world and tend it till it blazes.”


Jesus said, "This heaven will pass, and this heaven's heaven will pass. Dead matter does not live, and living matter does not die. In the days when you ate dead matter, you made it live. When you are in the light, what will you do?"

"On the day you were one, you made two. When you are two, what will you make?"


The disciples asked Jesus: "We know you will leave us: who will lead us then?" Jesus answered "No matter from where you come, to James the Just you must go, for whose sake heaven and earth arose."


Jesus said to his disciples: "Compare me and tell me what I resemble"

Simon Peter said to him, "You resemble an angel of justice."

Matthew said "You resemble a wise philosopher."

Thomas says, "Teacher, my mouth won't frame what you resemble."

Jesus said, "Thomas I an not your teacher, for you are drunk and frenzied from the bubbling spring I myself have measured out." and he took him, withdrew, and said three sayings to him.

When Thomas returned, his companions asked him, "What did Jesus tell you?"

Thomas responded, "If I say to you one of these sayings he told me, you will gather rocks to stone me, and fire will burst from those stones and scorch you."


Jesus said to them, "If you fast, you sin, and if you pray you are condemned, and if you give alms, you wrong your spirit. And when you when you go into the lands and travel, eat whatever your receivers serve you. Heal the sick among them. For nothing that enters your mouth defiles you. What exits your mouth defiles you."


Jesus said, "what you see one not born of woman, fall to your face and prostrate yourself: for he is your father."




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