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A few songs I've written, performed, and attempted to sing:

Choosing love no matter what.

My signature song of the imminant divinity in each of us.

Cover of Radiohead's "Creep."

Hymn to Mattriama's mystery.

Hymn to Mattriama the All Divine.

A remix of my hymn to Mattriama.

Sullen sense of alienation from the one I love.

Gratitude for my Mother Lori.

Written for my wedding day.

In memory of my grandfather.

Lonely song

Suicidal Love

Becoming Divine.

Ama's Day

Mattriama Original


Various Other Recordings

A wild version of Charles Ives' "Emerson" -- Music to inspire the womb.

My reading of Emerson's Essay "Culture."

My reading of Emerson's Essay "Worship," the best essay of Emerson's best book, Conduct of Life


Firiel's Song
A song sung in quenyan (elvish).

A zipped archive of the audiobook Madeye, read by Tim June, the author's father.





Visit my Kosmos page
for YouTube recordings and mp3s of my latest book, Kosmos.

Before I write my works, I play a few hymns to Ama on my guitar to purify my consciousness and put me in creative mode. But while I write, I use as background music a canon I wrote entitled "Epiphany." It is in 60/60 time which is the tempo best for heightening consciousness and awareness. A soft repetitive piece, it is especially designed to enhance focus, and not distract. Feel free to download the canon for your own writing project. Epiphany.mp3


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