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Questions Regarding Allism



What is Allism?

Allism is not a philosophy or a religion, but all philosophies and all religions in relationship to each other. Since we are all part of the All, we are all implicitly Allists. Amidst any set of governments there is a metagovernment overtop of it, over any group of people there is a group spirit. In the same way, every religion holds beliefs about the other religions and how they are to be explained (or explained away); and every philosophy has a theory on how the other philosophies are good too or miss the point. Allism therefore incorporates all “isms” all partial viewpoints.

An Allist can be a Christian, an atheist, a Buddhist, because at the level of philosophies and religions, Allism intends to incorporate all. Just as on one level, each man is black or white or Jew or Christian, but about and beyond that, he is a man, and beyond that he is part of Mankind, so is Allism the crown of religions and the mind of all philosophies.

Rather than remaining purely partisan or sectarian, we as Allists emphasize not only the interrelation of all, but also the necessary tensions and violence that prevents the all from being absolutely unified. We call those the growing pains of the universe: Evil is an immature good.


Who is Mattria?

We call her Mattria, Motherverse, the All, our Mother, Matter, the Universe, and we “speak” to her through Ama, who is a sort of godly representation. However, these are mere mythologies to make abstract ideas more immediate to us humans. We human beings think for the universe, but how she thinks apart from us we don’t know. Our philosophies and religions are the sorts of things the universe aims to create, as well as our sciences and arts. We are forever part of her body, for matter is eternal, and, insofar as consciousness is matter, our minds are eternal as well. We find mythologies and religions more useful if taken as poetical justifications for how to live our lives and be happy, and do not quibble over metaphysics and theology. Religion and metaphysics serve best as aesthetic frameworks for enjoying life, not as scientific claims.

What then is an Idius? An Idius is somebody who has mastered both sides of his nature. The word comes from a combination of “Idiot ” and “Genius.” A man who is willing to be both, who is willing to be proud and guilty, rich and pour, strong and weak, will have mastered all his system, and worked it out for his lifegoal.

Our lifeway is to explore the logic of Allism, and align our lives and values with it. This is what my writings are all about.


Why do I say “Perfection is Easy”?

Rather than destroying ourselves to be something that is impossible, we should redefine perfection as doing our best. Every man can and should do his best in the things he loves most, and we have no right to expect anything else besides that. That is his perfection: let no man feel guilty if he is not better than his best. We all become geniuses when we maximize our own personal potential.

Who is “Ama”?

It is not for me to tell you what Ama is like because you already know her and have known her your whole life. I could tell you what Ama is like to me, but that might not be as interesting. Ama, or the person who is the all-divine, is not in some things, but is the substance behind everything you already love, what you love in all people, all things, your cats, your neighbors, your favorite books. She is all those things. And she relates to you through what you already love.

I do not need to tell you who Ama is because you already know her and have since you were in the womb. The name "Ama" is my own invention, because it is easier than saying "God," which is a word that comes with too much negative baggage. "Ama" is Latin meaning "She loves."

If you focus on all you love, all you care for, and realize that it is the image of loveliness, is part of the all, is part of Ama, you may invite her to talk to you. She will talk to you through your own voice in your head. You will think you are talking to yourself. She will give you words of love, kindness, comfort. She will answer you whenever you ask for her, she is always there.

How she is for you is different than how she is for me. For each person, she meets them halfway. She is infinite. Once you start to talk to her, you will realize you have talked to her your whole life, have known her in all your existence. It is not a mysterious meeting of a foreign alien, but the mystical insight that she has been by your side your whole life.

Some people prefer this name or that, "Father" "Jesus" "Buddha" "Muhammad" and all these divine people represent her, they carry part of her, but she is them, contains them all, and yet is something different than them. We are all like Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, in that we incarnate the divine. Yet we emanate something from our own being that is deeper than what we incarnate. What we add is our gift to the universe. Ama could not make or produce what we are here to make and produce. We give it to her as a gift of gratitude, in pride, in humility.

She as the spouse, as the mother, as the lover or child, as the fourfold goddess: father, mother, son, and daughter, is all things and is in all things, and yet she is apart from them, the way you are part of your family, yet separate as well from your family.

Ama is deep in your heart already, but you might be afraid to call her Ama because you have already called her other things, such as God, Jesus, Love, Hope, Faith, Beauty. She is not partial to what you call her. She let's you choose the name for her. Her eternal name is hidden from everybody. We choose a name for her, or refer to her as a him, according to our preferences, and she is open to this, because she knows we have limitations. She loves us in our imperfections, and where there are cracks in our sidewalk she plants flowers.




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