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Life of Allism book cover

The first volume of the Perfect Idius is now available for purchase! The Life of the All covers the Lifeway of this new class of thinkers. This part of the Idius answers the question: how should we live our life? Allism as a way of life, as a complete life, is layed it in my inimitable style, allism as an art form as well as a philosophy and religion. The tree of life is seeded at our innermost: let it grow!

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Natamyths book cover

The Natamyths are now available for the first time in print. Join Natalie Wendy, a precocious and courageous girl who insists on finding out for herself what is good and bad, and makes her life on her terms. This brings her face to face against a dragon, a unicorn, a tornado, and even a god. But will this be enough to prepare her for life's ultimate challenge?

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Kosmos book cover

Kosmos is the apotheosis of American philosophical thought. Taking Walt Whitman's poem Kosmos as a starting point, Daniel weaves thogether the spiritual threads of Ralph Waldo Emerson's Journals, the music of Charles Ives, the preaching of Joseph Smith, and the meditations of Henry Thoreau, as a backdrop to his own personal attempt to self-overcome and develop his character. Startlingly honest, the volume will be for his career what Nature was to Emerson's, the initiation of a soul-shaking journey as American Sage

Lux cover

Solman is unhappy in heaven. The future utopia, in which all people are happy, under the control of the AI, SIStem who monitors all the world and makes sure nobody gets agitated, there are no wars, no crimes, noticed that Solman has a hidden unhappiness. He finds an ancient magic book and learns how to impart hysterical bliss on his fellow people. He learns to use verbal magic to control the people, and they love him. He is able to send women into convulsive orgasms with a mere touch, and he develops an entourage. His magic works on all people, except his wife.


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