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Greetings! I'm a writer from Grand Rapids Michigan. I work as a freelance writer. I also write essays and allays (a genre of experimental prose) to advance my ideas of Allism, a philosophy and religion which finds a use for all other systems, and fits them into a great All. The Perfect Idius, is my widest expression of this philosophy and religion.

I spend most my time reading, writing, playing the guitar, thinking, loving, and improving my ideas. My greatest influences include Emerson, with his self-assured viewpoint, Nietzsche, with his powerful style, Whitman, with his dogged optimism, and William James, with his careful perspicacity.

I currently work for LawCrossing, writing articles for such websites as JDJournal.com, and JD2B.com, among others.

Pic of me writing
Looking out a train window
Happiest Day of My Life
With my daughter Natalie when she was young
Emilie Reaches for Butterfly
The Monarch Butterfly is my symbol
my pose of education




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I've contributed heavily to this excellent board, Our Pal Nietzsche.

I've contributed heavily to this other board, Philosophy Forum 2, an outstanding philosophy discussion hosted by Herman Triplegood.


My friend, John Moore, Nietzschean scholar, has an excellent website on every topic imagineable.


This webpage, the Perfect Idius, was originally coded by a friend in its most primitive version; but as for the rest, I've coded the webpage personally for over a decade. For other interesting websites that offer interesting web design, check out our friend at http://www.sancassano.com/




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