Learn of the universal lifestance, Allism.

Allism is the worldview incorporating all worldviews.

Every religion, philosophy, and way of life, when full grown, becomes a form of Allism.


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Time Is Now
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Eternity bows

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~~Allism in 2020~~

Allism's Scripture, "The Allays of Master Play," a living document, is available in its latest incarnation, here.

This will be viewed as having been a fortunate pandemic. Compared to the death rates of previous pandemics, this one is a weak virus. But it has made us aware of the problem, and we will set up systems globally to prevent this from ever happening again. We are yet again becoming One World. We are all in this together, we all share one goal and we all share one enemy as a globe.

To blame is to exclude. We are all in this together: those who are politically-minded and those who are not politically-minded; those who think we overreacted and those who think we underreacted; those who blame this leader and those who blame that leader. We are all in this together the whole globe together. We are all on the same team.

This video offers a reading of the first few pages of the Allays of Master Play.

I finished the Emilegends. This rounds out the young adult trilogy of adventure stories beginning with the Natamyths and continuing into the Therontales.

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